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Euro-American Women’s Council (EAWC), Global Advisor of Youth

                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                              

                                            Civil Engineer, Project and Human Resources Management                                                   

 2010 to present




Site manager monitoring ground-based remote sensing aerosol     2012-2016

in the framework of AERONET program established by NASA and PHOTONS




Site/Flux collaborator of the Greek Station in European Fluxes    2014-2015

Database Cluster Project organized by World Meteorological Organization



Data analysis of Thermopolis 2009 Campaign, in the Urban  2011-2013

Heat Islands and Urban Thermography project, funded by the European Space Agency




Ph.D. (Highest Distinction) in Environmental Engineering   2011- 2016

Department of Environmental Engineering, DemocritusUniversity of Thrace.                     PhD Thesis: ‘‘Energy and GHG Fluxes in Urban and Rural Environments”

Doctoral Dissertation conducted with Prof. Spyridon Rapsomanikis.        

Design and implementation of pioneering experiments investigating greenhouse gas (GHG) and energy fluxes for Mediterranean sites subjected to extreme climate phenomena. Climate driven vulnerabilities were clarified, enhancing the existing theoretical basis for mitigation policies.


MSc. (Highest Distinction) in Hydraulic Engineering and Environment  2009-2010

Department of Civil Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, GR. Application of genetic algorithms, stochastic and statistical analyses to optimize water resources systems.


MSc. (Distinction) in Structural Engineering  2008-2009

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Surrey, U.K.

Risk Management in projects related to Structural Design of Bridges and Buildings against earthquakes and fatigue processes due to environmental variability.


Civil Engineering Degree (5, 5 year course of studies), Distinction   2002-2008

Department of Civil Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace. Thesis: ‘‘Hydrological responses of Guadiana River’s basin using SWAT model’’, Supervisor Prof. N. Kotsovinos.


Research Assistant. Advisor: Prof. P. Angelidis  2008 Project: Development of drought indicators based on water balance equation at catchment scale      



Developed and directed seminars in postgraduate programs investigating diverse applications of turbulent exchange in the atmosphere for a wide variety of terrain characteristics and environments.


“Seasonal Evapotranspiration, Energy Fluxes and Turbulence Variance Characteristics from a Mediterranean Coastal Grassland.” Trepekli A., Loupa G., Rapsomanikis S. (2016) Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 226-227, 13–27.

“Climate change and Climate extremes’’, In: Environmental Hazards Methodologies for Risk Assessment and Management, Rapsomanikis S., Trepekli A., Dalezios N. (2016) IWA Publishing, UK.

“Energy flux parametrization as an opportunity to get Urban Heat Island insights: The case of Athens, Greece (Thermopolis 2009 Campaign).”Loupa G., Rapsomanikis S., Trepekli A., Kourtidis K. (2016) Science of the Total Environment, 542, 136–143.

“Multi-temporal scale analysis of water vapor fluxes and controlling factors over a Mediterranean Coastal Grassland. Identifying advection via wavelet analysis.” Trepekli A., Rapsomanikis S. (2016) Theoretical and Applied Climatology (Under Revision)

“Vertical Energy and Momentum Fluxes in the Centre of Athens, Greece During a Heat wave Period (Thermopolis 2009 Campaign)’’ Rapsomanikis S., Trepekli A., Loupa G., Polyzou C. (2015) Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 154, 497-512.


World Conference on Climate Change, 2016. Presentation: ‘‘Evapotranspiration over a Mediterranean coastal grassland - bridging the gap between satellite and experimental data’’ (Valencia, SP., 24-26/10).

ICOS-NEON Greenhouse Gas Data Training Workshop 2015 (St Michel l'Observatoire, FR., 2-12 /06).

Participation in the Conference of World Meteorological Organization 2013: ‘‘Towards a Global Carbon Observing System: Progresses and Challenges’’                          (Geneva, SW., 1-2/ 10).

Participation in the Conference ‘‘EGU General Assembly 2013’’  (Vienna, AU., 07-12 /04).

Protection and Restoration of the Environment- PRE-2010 Conference ‘‘Concentration levels, source apportionment & dispersion of PM10 associated PAHs at Alexandroupolis, Greece’’ (GR., 5-9/07).



Technical Chamber of Greece


English (Fluent), Italian (Basic), Greek (Native language)