Ada Iliopoulou , awarded journalist & writer , President & CEO of Le soleil foundation cultural movement, EAWC -Chair woman for Europe


President & CEO 

Ada Iliopoulou is a journalist who has received multiple awards throughout her career in the press and her action in favor of Greece, in collaboration with world-renowned foreign fashion houses.

For 15 years, she served as the Editor in chief of three famous Greek magazines; 01, Out of limits and the one of the most famous city guides of Athens in Greece , exodos. Later on, she was the Paris correspondent for “To Vima”, the most popular newspaper in the Balkans, presenting interviews of major artists and designers, mainly at women’s magazines such as Marie Claire and Vima Donna. In addition, she worked with important publishing groups in Greece such as ANT1, Conde Nast traveller, Mykonos Confidential, L’officiel and Hello, among others.

She is also the Director for Greece for the Paris-based production company, Méphistophélès productions and she is in charge of the company PR and development policy.

Thanks to her charitable work, Ada became an executive member of the US Euro-American Women's Council Board of Directors.

Her last name, in Greek, evokes the Sun; this fact combined to her immense love towards the world was the reason that Le Soleil Foundation was officially born on 17.03.2018 as a major gift of true Love.