Press release awards ceremony Jitrois-chantal Thomass Athens

Jean-Claude Jitrois and Chantal Thomass in Athens, invited from the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy and Good Will Ambassador,Mrs Ada Iliopoulou who is also special member of Euroamerican women's council.
The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy though his Good Will  Ambassador and executive global board of Directors member of EURO AMERICAN WOMEN'S
COUNCIL, Mrs. Ada Iliopoulou in cooperation with the St. George Lycabettus Hotel invited to Athens the myths of French Fashion, Chantal Thomass
and Jean-Claude Jitrois.
The two designers have been participating for two years in the actions of the Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs. Ada Iliopoulou, for the dissemination of Greek culture abroad. 
The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy inaugurate the first part of intercultural dialogues this year with famous personalities involved in the action for Greece.
The event was coordinated and presented by the journalist and Goodwill Ambassador  Mrs. Ada Iliopoulou. The President and Founder of the Hellenic Cultural Diplomacy Institute, Mr. Peter D. Kapsaskis and the owner of St George Lycabettus, Irene Vassilopoulo welcomed the event.
The two famous designers were honored with the Award of Excellence for their contribution to Culture, Fashion and Arts, as well as to their philhellenism. Chantal Thomass was awarded by Vice President of Marine Club of Piraeus, Mr. George Alexandratos (Apollonia Lines S.A.) and Jean-Claude Jitrois by Irene Daifa,President of Marine Club of Piraeus And Mayor of Culture of Piraeus and Chairman of Stavros Daifas Maritime Corporation S.A.
The award of excellence was designed by Mrs Liana Vourakis.
Five models with creations of the French designer Jitrois inspired by Greece stood as ''Caryatids'' behind him while receiving the prize. The make-up and the hair were made by Sakis Isakidis-Méphistophélès Productions Paris and the shoes were from the Greek designer Stathis Samantas.
At the end of the event Jitrois and Chantal Thomass together with Mrs. Tonia Vassilopoulou cut the ribbon for the opening of the second floor of St George Lycabettus, which in the context of cultural tourism was transformed into a Greek fashion floor that honors Greek artists. Each room is dedicated to a Greek designer, such as Sofia Kokosalaki, Mary Katarzou, Giannis Tsekleni, Dimitris Kritzas, Laskaris, Vassilis Zoulias, Eriphilis Nikolopoulou, Orsalia Parthenis, Paris Valtadoros, Dimitris Dassios, Lena Katsanidou, Lucia, Daphne Valente, Chara Lembesis and many others. Also, two suites are dedicated to Anna Molinari and Pierre Cardin, who have been on a regular stay for years at the hotel.
In the corridors of the hotel, there are exhibited works that present the history of fashion from the book by D.Lyberopoulos "Greek Fashion 1900-2000"
The design of the rooms and suites was undertaken exclusively by Greek architects. Katerina Efthimiou of Positive + Architects for the rooms of Greek Fashion Designers, Greek Painters and Photographers. Also Maria Papadriadafillou and Omniview Design inspired by Greek Culture.
There was a Vertigo Pool Club on the 7th floor of St George Lycabettus with view to the Acropolis and Lycabettus under the sounds of Duo Violins, Dimitris Isaris and Giorgos Gaetano, who combined outstanding Greek classical pieces with designers' favorite French sounds.
Among the important guests were presents the Ambassadors of Belgium, Chile, Brazil, Afghanistan,Mrs.Geli Angelopoulos and Dr Phophi Kamposiora, Alexia Stella Matzari with her mother, Mrs Nana Papamanolopoulos, Anzzi Margariti Andrews with David Andrews and Marilya Vazheu, Lifeline President Dr. Zetis Boukouvalas and Dr. Alk.Prinou, Chrysanthos Panas, Lola and Elga Netafas, Arsenis Vilviridis with his wife, Manolis Kondylis, awarded in Monaco by artist Ioanna Efthimiou-Artist  who awarded in Monaco, Sofia Kousta and Elena Koulaouzidou, Domenica Tsopelogiannis, and many others.
The event was under the auspices of the French Embassy and the French Institute of Athens.

President of Marine Club of Piraeus,Mayor of culture of Piraeus And President of Stavros Daifa maritime corporation S.A.,Irini Daifas ,Jean Claude Jitrois, The Good will Ambassador,Mrs Ada Iliopoulou who invited the two designers in Athens,Chantal Thomass And Vice President of the Piraeus Marine Club, Mr. George Alexandratos (Apollonia Lines S.A.) 

Chantal Thomass was awarded by Vice President of Marine Club of Piraeus, Mr. George Alexandratos (Apollonia Lines S.A.) 

The owner of the St George Lycabettus hotel ,Mrs Irini Vassilopoulou And The The son of the Princess of Serbia, Mr David Andrews with his wife Angie Andrews-Margariti

Géli Angelopoulos one of the stronger women in Greece From Angelopoulos family-12 reachest persons in Greece And Dr Phophi Kamposiora

The president of Hellenic Institute of cultural diplomacy,Petros Kapsaskis, The Good will Ambassador of UNICEF Lola Daifas ,The general director of HICD Michalis Diakandonis and Vice President and major general Dimitris Vaxevanakis 

Ada iliopoulou And The greek designers who designed the rooms in greek fashion floor ,Laskaris ,Orsalia Parthenis ,Daphne Valente ,Erifilli nikolopoulou ,dimitris dassios,chara lembessi And the architect katerina Efthimiou close to Irini Vassilopoulou,petros kapsaskis,jitrois And Chantal thomass 

Ambassador of Chili,Good will Ambassador Ada iliopoulou,Alexia-Stella Mantzaris ( A.S. Marine Ltd- Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers) and her mother    Nena Papamanolopoulou and Daphne Anastasiou 
Katerina Koussouris-Antonopoulou And Marilia Vazeou 


Domenica Tsopelogiannis (Tsopelogiannis group),Chrysanthos Panas(Panas group),Ada Iliopoulou,President of Lifeline Hellas Dr Zisis Boukouvalas And his wife Dr Alkistis Prinou And the publisher Fotini Androulakis 


Jitrois with the award of Excellence between his modern Caryatids.

Chantal Thomass between the Duo Violins, Dimitris Isaris and Giorgos Gaetano

Irene Vassilopoulos with the Ambassadors of  Brazil,Belgium and Afghanistan 

President of Marine Club of Piraeus,Mrs Irene Daifas,Jitrois ,Good Will Ambassador Mrs  Ada Iliopoulou,Chantal Thomass and Vice President of Marine Club of Piraeus,Mr George Alexandratos.