THEATRICAL PLAY Performances at Studio Mavromihali every Sunday at 19.00 Cast: Maria Goula, Marianna Xenidou, Natasa Papadaki, Maria Tzanoukaki. Creative Team: Text Composition / Translation / Direction: Maria Tzanoukaki Music: Vasos Argyridis Costume Design: Andria Thomais Papadopoulou Scenic Design / Masks: Vasilis Daroglou Assistant Director: Irene Petraki Photographer: Angelos Damianidis

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The Euro-American Women Council's Infatigable Loula Loi Alafoyiannis

Loula Loi Alafoyiannis is old friends with the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


The Euro-American Women’s Council’s mission is to strengthen the status of women in the global marketplace by building strategic alliances between women in business and prominent leaders across the United States, Europe, Latin America, and other places of the world.

Through EAWC, women of diverse backgrounds and accomplishments work together to advance women’s access to positions of leadership and to pave the way for the next generations of women business leaders.

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