EMI LIVANIOU one of the most renowned anchor women


Emi Livaniou is one of the most renowned anchor women of Greek television. She started her career in journalism as a co-presenter of the morning show “Good Morning Everyone” on Mega Channel (1998), and for the next five years she anchored news on Antenna and Alter TV channels. She was the main news anchor for the 20:00 main News Show on Extra Channel.

In 2003 she presented the 3.5 hour, live morning show “Good Morning Everyday” for Star Channel, Greece’s third largest channel, as the only female anchor of the morning zone. During her six years on the show, she presented more than 3000 news stories, on the Arab World, Europe and North America with high ratings and favorable reviews.

She has been on numerous reporting field trips in the United States as well as   Europe: France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and many other countries. Emi Livaniou has travelled extensively in Africa and the Arab World (Ethiopia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia), covering various topical issues: cultural, humanitarian, women’s position etc.   

In June 2009 she presented one of the most successful entertainment shows in Europe, “10” on Alpha TV.

From September 2010 until January 2013 she presented headline news on Bluesky TV channel. For the last eight years she has had her popular radio show on 9.84 Athens public radio and continues in this role today.

Since 2012 she has embarked on a new career in publishing. She publishes an annual review about philanthropists and foundations showing social solidarity with sectors of the community needing help during the crisis.

Specifically, since 2012 she publishes the annual review
“The Power of Giving” which is under the aegis of the Ministry of Education circulating in 40.000 copies and displayed at the website www.dinamiprosforas.gr

Since 2013, she is head of Special Editions at the Huffpost.gr, one of the most influenced sites in the world.

One of the most popular TV presenters in Greece, Emi Livaniou has made numerous guest appearances on entertainment shows in the morning and primetime Greek TV.

Emi Livaniou is a Law School graduate of the Democritus University and has attended extra courses in EC law at the Law School of Robert Shuman University in Strasbourg. She is a graduate of “Ergastiri Epagelmatikis Dimosiografias” (School of Professional Journalism) in Athens, Greece. She has also attended journalism seminars at the Leadership Institute in the USA and Greece.

She is the mother of two young children, Constantine 16 and Alexandra 14.