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•Fostering bilateral cultural relations that lead to social and economic growth and development

•Promoting environmental protection through enhanced technology

•Celebrating women's diversity and accomplishments and promoting equality in the business arena

•Creating a platform of mutual respect, cooperation and shared goals between women of the United States and Europe

•Mentoring and educating the youth to successfully lead in a rapidly changing, technology-driven global society with respect to the universal values.



 EAWCs' goal is to erect a large bronze sculpture, 1.5 times life size, of the Artemis Award as a land mark for generations to come.

 The monumental creation will be installed in a prominent place in the city of New York for the symbolic location the city occupies on the globe and to stretch the underlined message of women rising power and respect.

 The monument will be fully funded by 24 donors, such as the hours of the day…… 24 donors, 12 as the Olympian Gods and 12 like the signs of the zodiac. Donors' names will be inscribed in alphabetical order around the base of the monument to be witnessed by the rest of world.